About Us


Jake Wachtel and his daughter, a third grader at the time, noticed that one of her classmates was wearing the same clothes every day. They passed by the school’s Lost and Found, which was overflowing with unclaimed clothing. Jake and his daughter thought, “Why are we donating unclaimed Lost and Found items to organizations that resell them when we can distribute them without charge to needy families in our district?” Those families, for whatever reason, needed assistance. Jake shared the thought with Suzanne Goldman, his PTA Council Legislative Co-Chair while they were in Sacramento advocating for better education of children throughout California. Suzanne loved the idea. Soon after, the nonprofit THREADS was formed.

With the help of community liaisons, school principals, and PTA leadership, they anonymously deliver items to families that need them. In less than a year, THREADS has expanded beyond Santa Monica and Malibu. It now helps families in surrounding communities, distributing donated new and gently used clothing and unclaimed Lost and Found items without charge.


THREADS is a 501 (c)(3) charity.       Thank you for your support.

100% of all monetary donations goes back into THREADS to continue its mission of helping families in need.